biology: Hircwn (sounds like eer-coon, lit. Long Dogs) are a species that live on the world of Funkplanet. They are a race of warriors, though fighting is not mandatory in Hircwn society. They span across multiple biomes, with an array of sub-species. The most common feature throughout those subspecies is the presence of a mane of some sort around their neck, digitigrade legs, and their almost human-like face. Earth scientists have compared them to the legendary sphinx. Due to their existence as warriors, by default, Hircwn are short-tempered and ornery, as well as powerful regardless of size. This temper leads to their species being known for their scraps, and it's extremely common to see Hircwn with scars or entirely missing limbs, often replaced by prosthetics or decorative metals, which are, in turn, often broken and repaired or replaced frequently.

Sex and gender are not necessary within Hircwn society or reproduction, with both males and females able to produce eggs regardless of the presence of the opposite sex. As long as two compatible Hircwn breed, they will produce eggs, with clutches usually being between 1-3 eggs. Both males and females look after their young, both able to produce milk when necessary, and the bond between parent and child lasts their respective lifetimes, with some children often opting to care for their parents in old age.

Hircwn age slowly, with the oldest reaching nearly 200 years old. While the young reach maturity within a handful of years, they do not start showing signs of truly old age until their late hundreds.

society: Hircwn in the modern day are split into two empires, led by their respective kings, Sheehan and Phylus, who have technical rule over two large areas of land consisting of two major "cities" and many smaller villages and towns, typically led by their own elected leaders who work with the kings of their territory to ensure the welbeing of their people. The two empires often find themselves in battles over land and resources, and while the kings remain amicable to a degree, their respective tempers are on a hair trigger when it comes to each other. Just as quickly as one battle ends, another begins, and so on. Luckily, there hasn't been an all-out war in years, and that tense friendship between kings allows it to stay that way.

Villages and towns operate on their own terms, with their leaders taking on their own battles with other leaders, though most of these places are ruled as safe zones, and pay a small fee for protection from their empire to ensure they are not raided, and in the event that they do face a raid, they are sufficiently repaid and their attackers punished accordingly.

Travel between empires is simple enough. With identification, any Hircwn can move between empires tempoerarily or permanently with no problem. The slight difference in cultures makes business easy, with goods from different empires selling well within others. During battles, these visits are more heavily regulated, and entering another empire becomes difficult until a ceasefire is agreed upon to ensure no ill intent from visitors. Due to the ease of travel, the diversity in subspecies within major cities allows for even better trade, mixed cultures, and genetic diversity.

There is a common tongue amongst Hircwn, with dialects that may cause miscommunication to those who aren't familiar with other dialects, but most visitors tend to have a good understanding of each other.

economy: Different subspecies further out from the main cities tend to adopt their own forms of trade, but as a whole, the species has adopted more of a bartering system than a formal currency. Gems and metals do have slightly more value than your typical offer of livestock or services, but are mostly seen as a vanity item and usually end up in the hands of Sheehan due to his obsession with such treasures. Subspecies come from all over Funkplanet to trade their wares and services in major cities, travelling sometimes for days to trade in markets, usually with an inventory belonging to multiple Hircwn from their villages. Each village has up to three designated merchants that travel in turns so more focus can be on the village itself from the majority of residents.

abilities: Hircwn are natural born hunters, with enhanced sight, smell, and hearing and bodies built for combat. Even the smaller subspecies have greater strength than most humans. With tough teeth and claws and the ability to take a beating from foes bigger than themselves, Hircwn are a durable species, and a formidable foe.

Hircwn are also powerful magic users, though the effects of magic can cause irreversable corruption both physical and mental. The use of magic spans back millennia, with mentions of magic use being frequent in ancient texts until the discovery of the corruption involved. Curiously, there is also wide mentions of Angels within said texts, with the praise of magic becoming less apparent after their first documentation. It is said that Angels were seen as great manipulators, leading Hircwn to use their powerful magic for the good of the Angels while the Hircwn themselves deteriorated, effectively using the Hircwn as disposable pawns.

Angels are the biggest threat to Hircwn society, as masters of manipulation able to present themselves as a Hircwn's desires to lure them in easily. Most Hircwn folklore has to do with horror stories of angels, and any Hircwn known to mingle with angels in any capacity are avoided like the plague.

subspecies: Hircwn are divided into multiple subspecies based on their habitat. Subspecies can live in mixed societies, but often live in groups of their own kind. There is more of a mix in subspecies in larger cities, where social norms of each subspecies have shifted to allow for easier communication.

Different subspecies can breed with one another and produce hybrid offspring. Hybirds are not regarded as lesser or greater than non-hybrids, and generally live easy lives within Hircwn society.