What's customisation like? // as it stands, hircwn are very easy to customise, with many options available in each subspecies. this includes things such as ear size, ear type, ear position, mane length, mane colour, mane style, tail length, tail tip, markings, decoration, and, of course, personality. while colours do tend to stay within a certain range, there can be differences in colour. i'll be creating a chart for this at a later date. please watch this space!

If I get a chance to make my own, what's the restrictions? // not much at all! all subspecies are open for creation, and i'm willing to discuss hybrids if that interests you. the biggest restriction is when it comes to relations; you probably won't get away with making a wife for sheehan, for instance, and you'd need explicit permission from other hircwn owners if you wish to add yours to their family tree.

What about the corruption mentioned? // there's no limit to how corrupted a hircwn can become, or how that corruption shows. for instance, suda has a second mouth growing on his neck, and the ability to grow extra arms and extend his spine. sheehan, on the other hand, hides his corruption until he experiences true anger, at which point he basically becomes a huge centipede looking creature. corruption can also be psychological and not visible on the hircwn's body. corruption is where you can let your creativity shine through, though it isn't necessary for hircwn who are not magic users.

Do my hircwn need to be warriors? // no. it's a common job for hircwn, but there's nothing stopping you from giving your hircwn a job that isn't typical for their subspecies.

Can my Hircwn be a leader? // if you'd like. at the moment, kings will stay as phylus and sheehan, but i'm open to discussing the possibility of your hircwn being the leader of a smaller village.

What's the Hircwn language like? // very, very similar to scottish gaelic. if you're a human that knows scots gaelic, you may be able to understand a lot of what hircwn are saying, which makes diplomacy between humans and hircwn a little easier. the dialect, slang, and accent varies between subspecies and areas of funkplanet, but not so different that hircwn can't all understand each other with a bit of effort.

Can my Hircwn be LGBT? // if you'd like. all sex, gender, and sexuality are seen as normal on funkplanet as a whole.

What's Hircwn technology like? // very futuristic by human standards. the sort of stuff you'd see in star trek, though not every village finds it necessary to use and it's mostly found in the bigger cities.